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Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) are an integral part of the healthcare continuum of care.  CBRFs are responsible for the health and well-being of their residents, and provide families an important health care option for their loved ones.  Because of this importance, CBRFs must comply with a host of local, state, and federal regulations that ensure the safety and health of the residents themselves, along with the employees and administrators of these facilitators.

APEX Safety & Compliance has an employee training program that meets the needs of your facility, no matter the size.  We offer the flexibility to either send your employees to the required initial training, provide continuing education, or send key employees to our Train the Trainer (TtT) program - allowing them to become a trainer for your facility.  In Wisconsin, DHS 83 outlines the four required courses for new employees: Fire Safety, First Aid & Choking, Medication Administration, and Standard Precautions.


WI DHS DQA has allowed approved providers to offer ONLINE initial employee training during the COVID-19 restrictions.  APEX is approved to offer online training.  This training can be found by clicking the "Online" link under "Initial CBRF Employee Training" below.

Select the options below to learn more:

Initial CBRF Employee Training

APEX delivers the state-mandated curriculum required for new CBRF employees online or in person.  If you have enough students, we can come to your location as well.

Online Classes

Train-the-Trainer Course

Successful completion gives your employee the ability to bring the fire safety curriculum back to your company and deliver it to your employees!  Click the link below for more information and available classes:

Fire Safety Train-the-Trainer

Continuing Education

Online continuing education modules make complying with state-mandated continuing education requirements as easy as logging in anywhere there is an internet connection!  Click the link below to see available classes.  We are continuously developing new content, so check back often!

Available Continuing Ed Classes


Contact us with any questions or issues you may have and let APEX help you with your training requirements.

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